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Massages and Treatments

Our mission: natural wellness

Passing on our passion to our customers: the love of nature. There is no greater strength. Love for ourselves translates into simple daily gestures. Let us treat you to our natural products and feel them in all their power on your skin. Our body and facial treatments are never based on standard procedures, but are adapted to you to give you what you really need!

Our selection of products

The high quality of ISHI products comes from the research and know-how of the APG Group, with its strong knowledge and experience in the field of green chemistry. This year an even more advanced line. A completely new way of understanding beauty and wellbeing that respects your innermost nature, from cells to DNA.

Estegenomics makes it possible to work with natural active ingredients such as epiphenols, thanks to knowledge of epigenetics and molecular biology, with a personalisation never seen before, truly taking into account the uniqueness of each of us. Epigenetics is the most sophisticated part of genetics, whereby cells form a memory, which can be inherited. Try it to believe it!

A holistic vision of the wellbeing of the person’s body, mind and spirit. A line of Osmosys brand products and equipment, based on the concept of functional cosmetics and on a diagnostic and application methodology, Aesthetic Semeiotics.

It promotes and disseminates the culture of personal well-being, with a view to upgrading the profession of professional aesthetics. From this further company mission, Alpha Academy courses, seminars and professional workshops will also be launched on managerial skills and on how to run and communicate one’s own business. An incredible osmotic force!

And now, how about entrusting yourself to the hands of our qualified therapists?

Price list

  • Anna

    Anna SPA and appointments manager

    Appointment manager. She will always be at your disposal to purchase cosmetic products at our Cosmetic Shop and to give you information about our treatments & services.
  • Karin

    Karin Therapist

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