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Founded in 1986, TEAM DR JOSEPH is the expression of a deep fascination for the ingenuity of plants and their functional principles. Today we combine our many years of experience with the use of natural, highly effective raw materials and the latest technologies in harmony with nature and its resources.

The products contain highly effective plant substances from organic farming with clinically confirmed effects. Wild-growing and organically cultivated plants are preferred, as these have an immense concentration of functional ingredients and therefore offer the skin a wide range of effects. As our skin can absorb up to 60% of what is applied to it, they place the highest value on the purity of their functional ingredients and the best possible quality standard.

The complex plant combinations act on different levels of the human body, respecting the delicate balance of the skin and supporting its function. This means: more functional ingredients, more complex formulations, holistic approaches and beautiful, healthy skin!

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