A di-wine stay by ISHI

A di-wine stay by ISHI
A di-wine stay by ISHI

Stay of 2 NIGHTS in BB in double or twin room of the chosen type

Result of a long research project started in 1991, ISHI Winetherapy addresses 3 fundamental problems:

– Water retention and oedematousness

– Atony and loss of elasticity

– Stress and senescence

In particular ISHI Winetherapy focuses on:

– Draining action, thanks to polyphenols, wine trace elements and OPCs (oligomeric proanthocyanidins) of red grapes.

– Elasticizing and firming action, thanks to the hydroxy acids of grape must, to the synergic action of active principles such as the sweet orange essential oil and the organic thermal mud of Reichnau.

– Stimulating and regenerating anti-stress and anti-ageing action, thanks to the Essential Fatty Acids of the grape seeds, the Resveratrol of the red vine, the extracts of Wild Strawberry and Tocopherol (vitamin E).

  • Rich Italian/International breakfast with large Buffet
  • Wellness Harmony wellness path followed by qualified staff.
  • SPA kit bathrobes, SPA towels and slippers
  • Aperitif at our Night Bar
  • 1 Wine Therapy Body Treatment + Massage 2 h FOR YOU
  • 1 Total Body Massage 50 min for HIM (Relaxation Massage, Personalized, Decontracting, Sports, Ayurveda, Californian, Anticellulite, Draining)

Offer valid until 10 July 2020 | Total price 405,00 EURO

Offer valid until 22 August 2020 | Total price 505,00 EURO

Offer valid until 12 September 2020 | Total price 490,00 EURO

Offer valid until 04 October 2020 | Total price 405,00 EURO

Offer subject to limited availability!

*HALF BOARD HALF BOARD 15 euro per person/day