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To visit at least once in life, Venice, with its characteristic streets named“calli” and its picturesque monuments, offers a unique experience. Two hours driving from Limone sul Garda.
Verona & The Arena
Verona, the City of Love, at one hour’s drive from Hotel Du Lac. To visit: the balcony of Romeo and Juliet, Piazza Bra and the historical centre. From June to September Opera Festival in the Arena.
The capital city of Lombardy, to visit: the Sforzesco Castle, the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery, the Duomo. Not to miss Via Monte Napoleone for some luxury shopping!
Mantova & Parco Sigurtà
Mantova is a city full of art and history. Close to it, the Parco Sigurtà, famous for its great variety of flowers and plants. Best visit during spring!
Isola del Garda
The family Borghese-Cavazza has recently decided to open this jewel to the public. The island is a fascinating place, full of legend and history. To be joined by private boat, guided tours included.
The most fascinating mountains of Europe, turning pink at sunset. At two hour driving from Limone, do not miss them.

The historical centre of Limone is characterised for its narrow and picturesque alleys, along which you can find many cosy shops and boutiques. In the neighbourhoods, more or less an hour’s drive, there are different shopping centres and outlets, especially around Desenzano and Brescia.


The best amusement parks of Europe very close to Hotel Du Lac!


Lake Garda with its own wonderful panoramic views, tucked away into the mountain, is a perfect place for you and your mountain bike! Numerous are the sport tracks especially studied for this sport, for example:
From Limone to Tremosine
30 km in total, the track follows high suggestive panoramic spots. Starting from Limone, you can run for a short piece of Gardesana direction Campione and then turn on the right on a street which drives throughout a canyon as far as Pieve. From Pieve you will have lots of possibilities to go on both the paved road and rough track. Once in Vesio, you can go down in order to reach Limone again.
From Limone to Passo Tremalzo
A hard track especially devoted to runners with a good training, seeing the difference in height (from 60 to 1800 metres- for a distance of 50 km)
From Limone to Monte Caplone
Another challenging itinerary for a total distance of 66 km and a drop of about 1800 m. It takes about 7 hours to run the whole track. A hard challenge even for best trained sports people!
The Bondo Valley on Tremosine mountains
Once in Voltino, we reccommend to leave the car in a car park and to start with the MTB towards Vesio. From Vesio you can continue along the Valle di Bondo (soft upgrade) as far as Passo Nota (1200 m). From here it is possible to go back towards the lake following different routes. Distance: 21 km.
Trentino on bike
From Riva del Garda (10 km far from Limone) there are lots of cycling trails, perfect for people looking for flat routes but still challenging. You can continue towards Arco and Ponte Arche or towards Torbole. From here, the cycling trail continues as far as Austria!

The tracks starting from Limone to the mountains behind are numerous and amazing. With different levels of difficulty, the trekking variety of the Riviera dei Limoni offers a great choice with its varying scenarios. Many possibilities, most built during the II World War, connect the town with the mountain: the cycle path from the locality Nanzèl to that of Reamol, the two new promenades along the rivers San Giovanni and Pura leading throughout the olive groves, the Sentiero del Sole, the more difficult track leading to the Baita Segala (mt 1205), the path to Dalco and the most panoramic one going to Punta Larici and Cima Mughera.

The kitesurfing school located in Limone sul Garda was born after many years of experience at Lake Idro (Ponte Caffaro) and years of national and international competitions. The school offers courses for all levels and ages, from the basic course for beginners to advanced course for those who want to improve their skills quickly, private lessons for those who want to learn jumps and evolutions, and lifts, i.e. the release with the assistance of the boats. Kite courses provide all the needed equipment, kite, board, wetsuit, life jacket, harness, helmet, etc. .. Water lessons are conducted with radio helmets allowing immediate correction of movements.

An ideal place for regattas accessible all year round. It is always possible to go sailing on Lake Garda because of its constant winds: the Ora, which blows from south to north from late in the morning to late in the afternoon and the Pelér that blows from north to south from early in the morning to noon. This steady and punctual flow of air is the driving force behind sailing events of high standard organised on the lake. 
The northern part of the lake is the best place for those who like windsurfing or who want to learn the secrets of this sport. There are windsurf centres along the lakeshores that organise national and international events and courses for adults and children.
In Limone, just a few steps from the hotel beach, you can find the windsurf school Surfing Lino.

The Tennis Club of Limone is situated just 200 m far from the hotel. Limone offers for its guests an equipped Tennis Club. It is furnished with 3 tennis courts, a wall for the training, a bar and other facilities. It is also possible to rent tennis shoes and rackets or to book a private lesson (with instructor). In the last week of August in Limone takes place the International Tennis Tournament “Citta’ Di Limone”.
Playing golf on Lake Garda is an extraordinary experience for every golf player. The lovely golf courses are individually designed and fit well into the chequered landscape of Lake Garda Region. Golf courses at Lake Garda can be reserved throughout the year and are a challenge both for beginners and for passionate golfers. Golf tournaments on the weekend are taken for granted with most golf clubs in Italy.